Online Clinical Dentistry Journal Highlights

If you are a dental practitioner or industry stakeholder about to embark on a new path of knowledge empowerment and business progression, then take a quick look at some of the features of this paperless industry. The online journal of clinical dentistry is devoted to being professionally responsible, remaining environmentally conscious, practicing with clinical efficiency and acting in a spirit of generosity.

This paperless journey is a pioneering effort. Board certified periodontists have thus far been visionary in the manner in which they have approached 21st century digital technologies. The online medical journal remains traditionally interactive, providing all its subscribers and visitors with medical and industry information that simply cannot be compressed into a typical hard copy (paper) journal.

Indicative of taking full (professional) responsibility, the online version is a vast reservoir of authoritative product and procedure reviews, latest and original clinical techniques, expert advice pertinent or related to the modern environment of dentistry and, of course, peer reviewed papers based on original research.

Leading practitioners across the board are involved and immersed in this interactive environment. In lieu of the need to practice as sustainably as possible, the administrators of the online medical journal encourage its readers not to print a single page and rather make use of the journal’s reader friendly formats. Therefore, online dental literature is now officially environmentally friendly. The regular revisions and additions to the journal are specifically designed to benefit all practicing dental service providers.

journal of clinical dentistry

They are therefor able to make assessments of existing or historical cases, clinical techniques, literature reviews, as well as provide additional comments not unrelated to their expertise and experience. In turn, it should go without saying, that all this knowledge empowerment and online resourcefulness is always going to be of benefit to the patients.